you have to give up
this is your life and it's ending one minute at a time


Game of Thrones meme: 8 Otps: (1/8) Loras and Renly

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TV Meme - [1/15] Heartbreaking scenes   

   ↳ It was strange to see the Knight of Flowers all in white when before he had always been as colorful as a rainbow. “If you will pardon my asking, ser—why would anyone choose to join the Kingsguard at seventeen? To guard the king’s life, you surrender your own. You give up your lands and titles, give up hope of marriage, children … ” House Tyrell continues through my brothers,” Ser Loras said. “It is not necessary for a third son to wed, or breed.” Not necessary, but some find it pleasant. What of love?” 
“When the sun has set, no candle can replace it.”
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game of thrones


kings are like stars, they rise and set,

they have the worship of the world, but no repose

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movies I adore A Cinderella Story

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If you’re gonna burn in hell for all eternity, you may as well have a nice time being all queer and stuff while you’re here.

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Since I met you… I’ve been thinking about getting a car.

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i want you to touch me there, make me feel like i am breathing, feel like i am human.

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watchshameless meme

↳ [1/7] 7 ladies - Karen Jackson
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