you have to give up
this is your life and it's ending one minute at a time


kings are like stars, they rise and set,

they have the worship of the world, but no repose

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movies I adore A Cinderella Story

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If you’re gonna burn in hell for all eternity, you may as well have a nice time being all queer and stuff while you’re here.

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Since I met you… I’ve been thinking about getting a car.

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i want you to touch me there, make me feel like i am breathing, feel like i am human.

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the following

watchshameless meme

↳ [1/7] 7 ladies - Karen Jackson
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Dane DeHaan: Filmography - “In person DeHaan seems thoroughly, perhaps even overly, well-adjusted. In a movie he can conjure up bursts of emotional energy that feel true, to the extent that you suspect he must have dredged them up from some damaged past.”

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dane dehaan

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